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IEP Application Instructions

Applying to the Intensive English Program

Required documentation includes:

1. The application form, properly completed, including payment of a $35 application fee. Make check or money order payable to: Marywood University. Submit to the Office of University Admissions along with the following documents:

  • Original High School Transcript* OR Original College Transcript* (most recent documentation only)
  • Completed Supplemental Questionnaire for International Students: Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Citizenship/Visa Information
  • Certification of Finances w/bank statement
  • $35 Application Fee

2. *Original, unopened transcripts of all academic work, including transfer coursework. Transcripts should be sent to the applicant with the sender’s signature across the sealed flap of the envelope. Applications will not be considered without official transcripts. All non-English transcripts must be translated by a certified translator such as World Education Services or the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

3. The Certification of Finances form must also be accompanied by a bank statement, showing proof of sufficient funds. The required support for the academic year must total at least $22,607 USD. $7,500 is required for course fees while the remaining $15,107 is used for books, supplies, room and board, and personal expenses. Changes in course fees, student fees, etc. may be made without notice.

Once all official documents required for admission are received, we will process your application for evaluation. If you are accepted by the Admissions Committee at Marywood University, an acceptance packet will be sent to you.


For more information about the IEP program at Marywood call 001-570-348-6234 or email